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Bonus 1st Level Perks Empty Bonus 1st Level Perks

Post by Ao on 8/5/2011, 4:38 pm

One Bonus Feat: It must have no direct bearing on combat. Essentially, it should provide a benefit that is going to apply to any in-combat actions or dice rolls only 1/4 or less of combats.
Recommendations: Linguist, Skill Focus, Skill Training.

Flexible Training: Choose one Skill or a single type of weapon. You may apply a different Ability Score's modifier (from the one required by the rules) to rolls made when using it. What you choose at character creation will remain indefinitely (the Ability Score chosen can be retrained, however).

Consider the justification and roleplay accordingly.
Example #1: Tripala chooses Strength to enhance her Intimidate checks. Attempts to bully others will thereafter rely more heavily on shows of physical prowess rather than words and expressions.
Example #2: Vera chooses Charisma to enchance her use of the whip. Her use of the weapon will benefit from her flashy style and personal confidence more than her nimbleness.

I will happily consider other character-specific changes you want to talk out with me. Maybe you'd like a spell or prayer to do fire damage instead of radiant damage, or something like that. Or maybe you'd like to adapt an attack power from another class without spending a whole multiclass feat so you can hold on to some old trick your character used to have in 3.5.

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