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Post by Ao on 7/22/2011, 11:54 am

I will organize and formalize stuff like this a little more clearly in the days to come, but just so you all have something to do while you're waiting on me:

A couple quick things about character creation.

We're playing 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons in the (4E) Forgotten Realms campaign setting. We're picking up right where the setting would have us do so in the Dalereckoning Calendar.

When it comes to the story and how to appropriately set up a "redux"/"reboot" character, I will have more to say later. When making the sheet for your re-realized character, do what makes you happy. I expect that the five (or possibly six) PCs that qualify for this concept will retain the race they had before (that's my preference, but I'll hear out petitions to deviate from this). Class should be the same or at least close. Multiclassing ain't like it used to be, but I think the 4E system (along with a few house rules where needed) will allow you to make a similar or even better (if younger) adventurer than before.

Humans are awesome in my 4E games. Pick two Ability Scores and get a racial +2 bonus to them (that's up from a choice of one in the core rules).

Non-humans have one automatic Ability Score at a +2 and then get to choose one of two designated Ability Scores to apply the other +2 to. The core Players Handbook automatically picks your two scores for you, but later supplements bring all non-human races in line in this regard.

We will be using the regional Background benefit in Forgotten Realms. I'm not in love with the Spellscarred stuff, but I'll entertain it if you want to go in that direction.

I plan to use D&D Insider for a lot of my planning and, gods willing, maintaining your character sheets. Ideally, you'll be maintaining your own character sheets under my DDI account. I intend to release the login and password later, after clearing out some old flotsam and jetsam. When that happens, I need everyone to enter into a solemn vow that they will stay out of the Adventure Builder. There might be some sensitive items in there that you don't need to see. You should, however, feel free to use the D&D Compendium to your heart's content at that point -- it is one way to see the many character options you will have access to.

Speaking of character options, I remain fairly pro-splatbook. There are many great accessories to 4E D&D now. The only books I feel inclined to restrict are those that are specific to campaign settings that aren't ours (Eberron, Dark Sun, etc.). I'll suffer from less consternation if you just keep your noses out of those sources. Also, Complete Dendar is off-limits.

One additional thing to prepare for. I'm looking on giving some extra character creation perks. Nothing crazy, but mostly just a few little things here and there to widen roleplay potential and to help your characters retain some of their old mystique. Maybe an occasional free feat that lets you have some languages, or an extra Skill, or what have you. I may also allow a bit of custom-tailoring to your characters' powers so that they bear the mark of olden times (like maybe a spell should do fire damage instead of cold damage). Nothing concrete on these ideas yet, so again please bear with me.

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Post by Tripala on 7/25/2011, 6:29 am

Steven has just flipped the table and stormed out of the room, shouting "Great, no fucking Complete Dendar, now I have to rewrite my entire fucking character!"

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