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And You Getting Started... Empty And You Getting Started...

Post by Ao on 7/26/2011, 3:31 pm

If you see a section of the forum that is titled with your character's name, you and I should be the only ones who can see and post in it. I can associate an image and/or a line of text with your particular section of the forum -- if you send me a link and/or the text you want there, I can make it show up on the Index page. Consider it your free work space for character preparation and any and all questions. This will be preferable to email for me as all posts and replies will send alerts to the exact place I want them to go.

If you're not a confirmed every-game player (or a confirmed every-game player yet), you may not have a place on the board yet. I don't plan on forgetting you fine folks, but you're going to have to be understanding with me for giving your PCs a lower priority than others. My focus for now has to fall on those characters that will be in play first and most often.

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